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Can You Return a New Car?

Upset man by a carThere are reasons you may want to return a recently purchased, brand-new vehicle; however, return and refund policies and laws are notoriously strict when it comes to dealership obligations. Whether you’re already suffering from a case of buyer’s remorse or haven’t yet signed the purchase contract, this guide will help you understand your options and perhaps avoid the situation altogether..

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Leaving Your Job for a New Opportunity

Someone signing a documentDon’t be surprised if, at some point in your career, you feel the urge to move on. It might not be that there’s anything particularly wrong with the company you’re already working for, it’s just that you’ve found greener pastures elsewhere. When the time comes, here’s how you should handle the situation.

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Do You Understand How Your Phone Upgrade Works?

Woman taking selfiesUpdates. Upgrades. The latest and greatest. Who doesn’t want those things? Most people do—even if they don’t need them. And cell phone service providers, also called “carriers,” know this. So, to answer this desire, they design service contracts that include built-in biennial (once every other year) phone “upgrades.”

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